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Student Scrutiny

Jude’s Consultants provide counselings to students in order to understand the current market and take the right decision as to what to be done in their future which will help the students reach their milestone. Keeping in mind the students potential, aptitude and interest options, suggestions and information is been provided which will help the student take the correct path to success.

Pre-Visa counseling, Documentation and Visa interview preparation

Counselings before the visa is been provided as to what is required for the application and as the documentation varies from each country we ensure that all documents are in order the same as the country’s requirement. We also help the students in training them as to how to face the interview with utmost experience involved so that the student brings out success at the first go.

Offer receipt

After the application the next essential thing to happen is getting an acceptance letter. Jude’s Consultants strive to get the letter on time with accurate follow up with the university/ college authorities so that the visa application will be done smoothly and strain free.

University and Course Filtration

Jude’s Consultants put forth best universities/ Colleges worldwide. Students are guided in order to choose the correct course and institution with their ranking, location and scope of post study work opportunities etc.

Scholarship aid

We help students getting scholarship when available from the universities/ colleges which will benefit the students.

Forex help

We help our students acquire the correct foreign exchange at best charge ensuring there will not be any supplementary charges levied.

Financial and Bank Loan Assistance

We help our students with the financial and bank loan related requirements as we have strong links with a lot of nationalized banks to minimize pressure from our students to get financial assistance.

Visa Application and Follow up

Application for Visa to the relevant embassy is another task. We at Jude’s Consultants help students in the application process of the visa once the offer letter is received and also do regular follow up in order to know the status of the application.

Help with application processing and SOP

Application and documentation is not easy as we think, but here at Jude’s Consultants we help students giving out precise and prompt information and for filing important credentials which include Mark Memos, bank documents, property papers and other monetary proofs required for submission.

Pre departure orientation

We have much experience in making careers of a lot of students in abroad. We tend to give real life examples as to how it would be when the student lands in a new arena and help the student with a lot of information to lead a happy life and conquer their dreams.

Airport Pick up and Accommodation backing

We help our students with airport pickup if required as we have a lot of known people most of them who have made careers for our consultancy and also help them with their accommodation.

IELTS Coaching and PTE Coaching

With certified and experienced personnel we also give coaching for IELTS and PTE for more information read our IELTS and PTE blog.