Canada stands among the finest and the most preferred education destinations for Indian students. The universities of Canada are internationally acclaimed and provide degrees and diplomas to students that hold equal prestige as a degree from the US but costs far lesser. Being educationally excellent and economically adjustable, why wouldn’t you go to Canada for your higher studies?

1.Engineering: A degree in engineering from Canada will not only get you included in the group of ‘skilled migrants’ but also get you amazing jobs and fat pay checks in any foreign country you go. The University of British Columbia, McGill University and the University of Alberta boast of being some of the best engineering colleges not only in Canada but in the world.

2.Business Management: An MBA degree is so in fashion now days. And why not? It enhances your circle of knowledge, helps you to acquire new skills and most importantly, you get better paid than those without an MBA degree. Canadian universities like McGill and British Columbia not only equip you with the best set of knowledge and skills but also give you a head start in business by thrusting you right into the place of action.

3.Information technology: IT graduates are one of the most sought-after people in the whole world. So, the course is easily available in most of the Canadian universities with a good fee structure and teaching staff, making it a great option to pursue your IT degree at. You can study at Sheridan College, University of Alberta etc well known places and learn a lot more in practical as well as theory.

4.Economics: Canadian universities focus primarily on research, analytics and creative thinking. These will help you in transforming yourself into a master economist and tackle complex problems whether they are on a local, national or international level.

5.Agriculture Sciences and Forestry: Agriculture Science and Forestry plays a key role in solving the most crucial problems of the world now a days that are climate change, food security, global warming etc. So, this course offers amazing jobs in many countries and is thus gaining wide popularity. You can pursue this course in Canada and strengthen your grip over your knowledge. Moreover, it can get you an excellent job in the country itself.

Apart from all these, Canada also has amazing job prospects for fields like biosciences, medicine, law, hotel management, journalism etc making it a diversified educational bliss for students.
To get an admission in Canada you will be required to get adequate bands in the IELTS exam only after which you can go and study there. Ace your IELTS test with expert training from the professionals at Touchstone Educationals- the best IELTS institute in India.

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