Which course should you choose to study abroad after 12th grade?

Judes Consultants is providing the best services to the students and it is the best study abroad consultants in Hyderabad still now judes has sent over 4000+ students and here in this article, we are showing why course should you choose to study abroad after 12th grade.

Top reasons why studying abroad early on helps a person:

You gain a wider perspective about the world and yourself
You learn to be on your own at an early age
Your world knowledge improves
Your ability to deal with adverse situation strengthens
You can start your career early on
Do you agree with any of the above? Is that the reason why you have decided to start your abroad studies so early? Going abroad for your higher education after 12th grade could sound little scary but many students take that life-changing decision and find themselves doing well.

Once you finish your schooling, the next cycle of education starts with your college admissions and then it goes on to your university degree and then moves on to get a better job for your living which is no less than a rich learning experience– and the cycle keeps moving!

For students who have finished their 12th-grade exams and are looking to study in a foreign country, we give you a list of popular courses that you can choose:

Computer Science and IT
Computer science and IT and computer science engineering are popular course choices amongst students all over the world. This is largely due to the advancement in science and technology that governs most of our decision making in our everyday lives.

Some of the popular courses related to the field of computer science include computer programming, cyber security, computer forensics, game development, database administration and more.

Many colleges and universities abroad offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in above courses, alongside offering hands-on learning experiences through internships and out-of-classroom learning opportunities.

Some of the universities abroad where you can look for an undergraduate degree in computer science are as follows:

The University of Reading has courses as vast as BSc in Mathematics with Computer Science with a placement year and BSc (Hons) in Computer Science with an industrial year.
Murdoch University offers BE (Hons) in Industrial Computer Systems Engineering that gives an option to graduate with a double major and pursue a number of career options in different industrial sectors. Other exciting courses on offer are BSc in Cyber Forensics and BSc in Information Security, where students gain practical exposure and get a chance to work with leading industries.
La Trobe University offers Bachelor of Cyber security that is directed towards making students aware of digital security and good data protection practice.
Centennial College has advanced diploma in a range of areas like computer systems technology, energy systems engineering technology, game development and design and health informatics technology.
Travel and Hospitality
Travel and tourism or travel and hospitality are popular sectors that many students choose to study abroad. Countries like Australia, Singapore and the Netherlands are considered as a hub of hospitality industries.

Swansea University offers BSc (Hons) in Business Management with a year in industry. Students can get hands-on learning experience through the programme.
University of Southern Queensland (USQ) has innovative courses in travel and tourism field, such as Bachelor of Aviation Management and Bachelor of Business and Commerce (Marketing and Hospitality Management).
University of Central Lancashire [UCLan] offers international tourism management (BA Hons) and sport business management (BSC Hons) courses.
Bangor University has excellent courses in Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences (BSc Hons).
Loughborough University offers undergraduate courses in air transport management and sport management.
Business and Management
There are many people who proceed to complete a degree in management even after completing different degrees or working in industries. A degree in management is believed to be the gateway to many higher opportunities, simultaneously helping people enhance their managerial acumen and professional skills.

To study a business and management degree abroad, you need to look for the following courses and universities:

If you are looking for undergraduate courses (BA Hons) like business and finance or business management, then the University of Adelaide has all the right options for you. The accounting and finance degree is offered by the University’s Henley Business School, which is a nationally recognised institution.
Murdoch University offers a large number of business and management courses for students to choose from: banking, economics, sustainable development, hospitality and tourism management and more.
Sheffield University offers like accounting and financial management and business management. The BA in accounting and financial management is a highly accredited course by CIMA, CPA and ACCA Australia.
Massey University has innovative courses like BA in AgriCommerce (Food marketing and Retailing) and Bachelor of Business in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Organisational Technology Management.
James Cook University has a vast number of undergraduate courses in business, including majors like economics, financial management, hospitality and tourism management and international business.
Engineering is a common field of study chosen by students worldwide. And there are various engineering streams that people look for, amongst which mechanical, electrical and civil engineering programmes are evergreen. It’s a field that will never lose its value owing to several advancements in technology. As more and more industries and organisations grow in numbers and their businesses, there will always be a demand for good engineers worldwide.

Popular universities to choose from:

Murdoch University
La Trobe University
Swansea University
University of East Anglia
University of Reading
Mass Communication and Media
Popular universities to apply for mass communication or media related courses are as follows:

Texas State university
Orange Coast College
Arizona State university
Film Making
The art of making films is not as widely explored as it should be. It is often considered to be a domain largely taken up by people who have an artistic bend of mind and are willing to risk everything for the desire to make meaningful films.

But, slowly, almost all over the world people from various sectors, including who hold 9 to 5 jobs, have started showing their passion and pouring their heart out into making good films or movies.

Some of the universities abroad where film making can be studied at the undergraduate level include:

Aberystwyth University
Goldsmiths, University of London
University of Gloucestershire
Kingston University
Studying law could be difficult, but there are students who want to tread the unusual path and study something that involves many challenges.

Popular courses like criminal law, human rights, corporate and commercial law and international trade law are doing rounds for a while.

Undergraduate law courses can be picked from any of these universities – Murdoch University, La Trobe University, Singapore Management University (SMU) and Swansea University.

Other popular undergraduate courses that Indian students tend to pursue overseas are creative arts, design and humanities.

So which course would you choose once you complete your 12th grade? Or have you already decided on that? How do you decide on one option that would meet your expectations in the future? Talk to us if you feel you need some advice and support with shortlisting courses and universities abroad.

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